How To Build a Grill Out Of a 55 Gallon Drum

How To Build a Grill Out Of a 55 Gallon Drum

The instructions below are for a tall standing grill, not a side grill.

The instructions below are for a tall standing grill, not a side grill.
Where to get a barrel : Used steel barrels also called drums aren’t difficult to find. You can find clean ones online, local pet stores have them from time to time, or try your local feed stores. Don’t get one with any chemicals or oils that you think you can burn out! If it has a skull or a big X over a skull or something similar don’t get it. You just want a nice clean 55 gallon steel drum with removable lid. You want the drum lid to fits snuggly on top. Your local Lowes Retailer, or Home Depot will have all the other supplies that you will need.

50-55 Gallon Drum-Search Craigslist in your area.
2-Six Inch metal gate handles with bolts and nuts
2-1/2 by 34 inch lengths of steel rod (steel reinforced bars work well)
2-1 1/2 by 8 Inch metal straps
4-1/8 by 1 1/2 Inch stove bolts with nuts
24-1/8 inch washer
21 to 22 Inch diameter
barbeque grill )cut just smaller than the inside dimension of the barrel)
2-round end cuts from a 1 pound food can
Container such as a non galvanized oil pan of base of an inexpensive round portable

Ear Plugs
3/4 Cold Chisel
Metal File
Electric Drill with 1/2 and 3/4 high speed drill bits
Heavy Duty metal Sheers or saber saw

If you are not experiencing at welding or any of the other procedures in the tips make sure to get experience first or work with someone who knows what he/she is doing. The easy way out is to take your drum to a welding shop and have them cut out the bottom, make the side and lid vent holes, and weld the handles to the lid. The average prices for welding charge start around $25 $45 depending where you live for this type of welding. You’ll still have to make the vent covers and mount the grill yourself. If you have the time, muscle, and a few tools you can do the complete job yourself. Set barrel lid aside.

-Build a large enough wood fire within the drum to blaze out of the top, and let it burn until the interior surface of the drum is free of any particles other substances.

-Let it cool, don’t be in a hurry. Empty the ashes, hose it down without adding any cleaning substance.

-Get the earplugs it’s going to get noisy, and you want to save your hearing. With the hammer and cold chisel, cut out bottom just within the edge. It is best to hold the chisel at an angle as you cut sideways round the edge like a can opener.

-Now use the hammer to pound down and pointy edges, and make them lie down flat, and flush against the sides.

-Take the handles and bolt the handles to opposite sides of the lid through predrilled holes.

-Now your barrel is going to need a 2 inch circular hole about 2 inches from the rim, if your barrel lid does not have one draw a 2 inch circle on lid about 2 inches in from rim. Using the circle as your guide drill a ring of small pilot holes just inside the circle, then punch out the circle with a hammer and chisel. File pointed edges of the drum until they are smooth. Use the same method to make a second air vent in the side of the barrel about 4 inches above the bottom.

-Make covers for the vent using the round can ends (or scraps of steel). Bend the metal straps and pre drill holes through them and barrel; using stove bolts through the holes fasten straps to each vent cover and to the drum side and lid. Use the washers to help ensure a snug fit. The vent covers should hinge easily. To install the support bars, drill or punch two (2) pair’s ¾ inch holes on opposite sides of the barrel about 12 inches apart and 9 inches down from the top rim. Run the metal holes through the rods set grill on support bars.
-Punch holes for ventilation in a pan or barbeque sides about 2 inches apart just above the base.
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Great Video.Pretty detail with good resolution.There can,t be a good Barbeque without a good Barbeque grill. One thing I surely want to know what is a rough cost estimate in US Dollar ,for building this Grill.
If the building materials( Drums,etc) are cheap then I can try this at home.Also i think i can find pretty neat stuff at cheap cost at craigslist posting service